"Cities simply don't have the powers they need to radically innovate in cutting obesity or the number of disaffected teenagers"

Geoff Mulgan

About Mendonoma Teen Voices

In Mendocino County, mentoring youth has been identified as a viable, relevant and effective means of helping our young people avoid the juvenile justice system and do better in school. Across Ages and Cultures Prevention Coalition is dedicated to helping youth avoid criminal activity and substance use/abuse and promote feelings of self-worth and a desire for self-improvement. Therefore, in addition to other activities in which the Coalition is currently involved, it is now our desire to set up a website that allows youth, ages 12-18, who attend schools within Mendocino County and Northern Sonoma County to access information on relevant issues, discuss issues, ask questions, provide feedback and get personal help online, anonymously and confidentially. We see this as another means of mentoring our youth and helping them connect using a venue that they already know and use - the social network.

Mission Statement:

To take mentoring and helping teens to a new level by providing assistance, resources and services through the social network that are relevant and current and inspire hope.

Vision Statement:

To give youth a place to go to get help confidentially and anonymously. To make a difference in the lives of teens. "We don't need to know you to help you, we just need you to know about us."
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