"Cities simply don't have the powers they need to radically innovate in cutting obesity or the number of disaffected teenagers"

Geoff Mulgan


Action Network Creates Teen Voices

The Across Ages and Cultures Prevention Coalition was created in 2007 by Action Network in order to oversee projects that were dedicated to preventing juvenile crime and substance abuse. During that time, it sponsored the Teen Peer Court and Teen Law Club. Second Chance collaborated with the Mendocino Probation Department, Mendocino Juvenile Court, Big Brothers and Sisters and North Coast Resolutions in setting up Teen Peer Courts in our county. Most recently it has been involved in the “Mentoring Youth” movement initiated by the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission.

In working with the youth involved in Second Chance, a volunteer after school club intended to train youth for involvement with Teen Peer Court (now moved to Ft. Bragg), a discussion ensued regarding how to engage youth to seek help if they need it for themselves, their friends or their family. To assure privacy and confidentiality an on-line "self-help" website was created.

This site is created for youth, by youth and maintained by youth. It has a presence on Facebook. Teen Blogs have been added to keep it fresh with the most current local topics.

Description of Project

Youth ages 12-18 living within the Mendonoma geographic area needed a place to go to get information and discuss issues and problems relevant to them without the stigma of being in a group or going to a designated area at school(s). A site for teens built by teens is an ideal venue to deal with the kind of issues that hinder our youth from being successful and feeling in control of their lives. We believe that Mendonoma Teen Voices (MTV) provides what our youth need through information and resources and assistance that is current, relevant and interesting.


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