"We need to talk to young people about drugs and make sure they understand that drugs are dangerous, addictive substances."

John P. Walters

GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate)

Most commonly found amongst ravers and party goers, GHB causes both a euphoric high (intense rush of happy feelings) and hallucinations. GHB has reportedly been used in cases of date rape. Also called Liquid Ecstasy, and usually liquid form (can also be in the form of white powder/tablets) that has no odor or color, it’s easy to slip into a unsuspecting person's drink; causing many young people to need emergency medical care. Because both GHB and alcohol are depressants, mixing the two is very, very dangerous and can be deadly.

Short term effects:

Drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and vision changes.

People who take GHB may become unconscious, stop breathing, and go into a coma. Using GHB can kill you.

Long term effects:

If taken in high doses the sedative effects may result in sleep and eventual coma or death. Other effects include difficulty thinking, hallucinations, slurred speech, headaches and amnesia.


GHB: More than 5,800 overdoses have been documented in emergency rooms nationwide and more than 66 deaths.